How Did Earth Get Its Name?

Planet Earth. The third rock from the sun. Our home. Planet Earth has been around for four and a 0.5 billion years…but how long has it been known as Earth for and who gave it its name?

How Did Earth Get Its Name?

who named us the earth

Hello and welcome back to, the channel that looks to answer a plethora of queries from since to space, history to pop culture and more. Today I am going to ask that How Did Earth Get its Name?

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Before we jump into answering this question – I want to ask you guys what your favorite planet outside of earth is? Mine is Saturn.  Earth is the English language name for our planet.

 It isn’t actually the universal name for our rock. In Spanish it is Tierra, in Dutch, it is Aarde, Swedish, Jorden…and Erda in some Germanic languages.

The one thing they tend to have in common is that they are all rough translations that also synonym soil or ground.

So the generally accepted universal name is roughly translatable in most languages. It is the only one of the planets in our solar system that has not been named after a Greek or Roman God or Goddess. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto.

How Did Earth Get Its Name?

ancient names for earth

The earliest named among them were first spotted around 5 BCE. Although I say that – this was when their names were first recorded. A lot of them are visible to the naked eye and could have had different names and understandings from other ancient civilizations who just didn’t write them down.

The word Earth itself started appearing in text around the 8th Century AD, but Earth is the only planet not named after a Greek or Roman god, which seems to suggest that it was named before we had an awareness of other planets…which means the name must go back much further than it has been documented.

In terms of WHO named the Earth, we simply can’t tell you – it is likely there was not just one individual, but rather a general consensus as to the name.

It makes sense really – words like the ground, soil, terrain, Earth - it is something we have always stood on – something tangible and constant, something even our earliest of human ancestors would have understood.

Our understanding that we walk on something hard led us to give it a name, and as that hard ground seemed constant in multiple places, numerous likely adopted that name as to communicate better.

The word Earth was further perpetuated in the King James Bible of 1611 – which reads God called the dry land Earth – in Genesis 1.10 – but of course, by the time that baby was written, we were already calling it Earth anyway…so… I mean….if God did name it Earth, he probably should have written that one down and left some evidence so we could credit him appropriately. Ahem…moving on.

The lasting point here really is, when it comes to etymology – some words have existed longer than our ability to write them down.

Something to consider… like..sure….we call it Earth and everyone basically seems cool with that from one translation to another, but do you think animals have a different word for it? 

We assume that animals don’t really get planets… but I wonder if they have their own understandings of the land?

How Did Earth Get Its Name?

what does the earth mean

Also, I wonder if aliens, if they exist and know about us, have a different name for it. We go around naming things in our solar system, in our galaxy, but they might not be the names they would pick for themselves if they could.

Imagine, for example, we found life on Jupiter, and all the Jupiter aliens were like…. What is a Jupiter… our home is called shhnaagokwe.

What are words anyway? It sounds like a philosophical distraction, Mohiuddin, not an answer. How astute of you. I am sorry.

Ultimately, we don’t know exactly who named our planet, so the story of how we became known as the earth is incomplete.

We can only assume a lot of people looked down, decided on a soily, ground sounding word, and we called it that because it made sense.

So guys, who do you think first coined the name earth? What would you call it now if you had the choice…also, don’t forget to tell me your favorite planet?
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