What If Earth Was Under Attack?

An Alternate historyWhat If Earth Was Under Attack?
Now, the world is the only planet that supports life. However, the laws of probability dictate that it's impossible that there are no different planets within the whole universe that's home to live.

Its entirely possible that a number of these planets support intelligent life, perhaps even life that's much more intelligent and advanced than humans.

However, because the world, its life forms, and its resources seem to be extremely rare, perhaps which means that an advanced alien race would see us as a threat, or need to require our planet for themselves.

What If Earth Was Under Attack?

What if an alien army traveled across the cosmos to do just that?  Today, whatifhub.com asks, what if the earth was under attack?

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Hello, and welcome back to whatifhub.com, the website that questions the impossible. If there are any government procedures for an alien invasion, the general public doesn’t know about them.

I would imagine if the earth were under attack, the events would unfold as follows.

First, world leaders would take to airways, social media, and television for a special address. Leaders would instruct the masses to seek shelter, somewhere where they could listen to further developments.

You’d probably get an alert on your mobile phone. Sirens would be heard in the streets.

 People would mark themselves as ‘safe’ on Facebook. Safe, for now. While the general populace was hiding out, world leaders and their highest up military officers would create a plan.

They would attempt to figure out how dire the situation is, how many alien ships circle our planet.

They would likely correspond with the astronauts on the ISS for a better vantage point. Then there would be attempts to communicate with the invading alien race.

What If Earth Was Under Attack?

The world's most notable experts on language, linguistics, biology, and military combat would be brought in.

Seeing as this is an alien race we are dealing with, they probably use a completely different way of communicating, so the experts would suggest using pictures.

These pictures would be shown on huge screens or drawn into the landscape so that they are visible from space.

They would attempt to be non-aggressive, stating in some way that we are carbon-based life forms, and that we intend to be peaceful.

Maybe these aliens would respond in some way by broadcasting pictures of their own, using technology that's completely incomprehensible to us. But more than likely, the invaders wouldn't respond.

In this case, we would be using the best telescopes on earth to examine their ships and weaponry. Maybe there are some weaknesses that we could take advantage of. Essentially, we would try to determine if there was any chance we could beat them.

While this is happening, leaders are corresponding with each other, working together to point all available and capable weaponry at the alien ships circling our earth.

It's clear that we would need all able countries to pitch in and join forces to deal with the impending attack.

The wealthy and well connected would be sent to secret underground shelters, while the working-class people are left to fend for themselves. It can be assumed that many would go to remote areas, away from cities.

It would be less likely that these remote areas, like in the mountains or forest, are less likely to be affected by an alien attack. Highways to these remote areas would be packed full of cars.

What If Earth Was Under Attack?

It would be a full-on traffic jam. The shelves of grocery stores would be raided until there was no food left.

The question remains, would we wait for them to strike first? Or would we fire first? If we fire first, then we run the risk of a full-fledged attack.

Who knows what kind of capabilities these advanced invaders have. Maybe they could vaporize our entire planet.

I would imagine, though it would mean inevitable casualties, we would wait to see if the aliens strike us, and then take that opportunity to strike back.

If this happens, entire cities would be wiped off the planet in a matter of seconds. Then there's the possibility that we would have to negotiate with the invaders.

The lives of 7 billion people would surely be more important…right? Maybe not.

Of course, the general public wouldn't have any idea what the conditions of the negotiations would be.

Would we surrender and allow the aliens to take our resources? Or are humans the resources the aliens wish to take?

Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, on earth, there would be complete and utter chaos.

It would be every man for himself as homes are looted for food and valuables, pharmacies and hospitals are looted for drugs and medical supplies.

Its extremely difficult to imagine what would happen if the earth were under attack because, of course, it never happened. It is assumed that there is a plan in place for dealing with an alien invasion, but of course, it's classified.

And it's also very, very unlikely that it would ever happen. But we hope that you enjoyed imagining what would happen if it did.

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