What if Texas Left America?

An Alternate historyWhat if Texas Left America?
Texas. The Lone Star State. A state is known for its own unique breed of culture. Roughly 1 in 12 Americans live in Texas and ever since Unification, there has been chatter of a breakaway one day. What if that day came…

What if Texas Left America?
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could texas survive as an independent nation if texas seceded from the united states today?

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Today I am asking What if Texas Left America?

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SO – Texas….the lone star…land of Tex Mex food, the Texan belt buckle, Armadillos, The Alamo. Texas is the second-biggest state in the USA, home to 28.3 million people.

If Texas became an independent country, it would leave a huge hole in the country. The United States population would be reduced to 297.4 million people. 

While that would still leave the states as the third most populous country in the world, it would widen the gap between the country and India and China. Indonesia and Brazil wouldn’t be too far behind in the population steaks.

Not only would the states lose millions of people, but it would also lose a lot of landmasses…with Texas gone, the states would be reduced to 3.263 million square miles which would make it smaller than Canada, China, and Brazil.

What if Texas Left America?
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America without Texas

This would create a lot of discontent and an enhanced sense of rivalry in the United States, especially with their close neighbors, Canada… America would feel the loss of the second-largest state economy – 35% of all Crude Oil in the states comes from Texas.

Financially it would hurt the states, causing the value of the dollar to take a plummet….although I am sure that, what with the size of the united states, it could eventually recover…however, it would be a set back in the economic war with China.

Perhaps the States would look for a replacement state and finally officially take on Puerto Rico. But then again, maybe not!

Politically, without Texas, a safe Republican state, it is likely that the political landscape of the states would be pretty different too.

Without Texas, the Democrats would likely see wider success and have a lock on the electoral college – which is an important part of winning elections.

We have talked quite a bit about life within the United States, but what would the new country of Texas be like!

Well, Texas, at 268,597 square miles would become the 39th Biggest in the world after Zambia, so bigger than France but smaller than Turkey. 

Population wise, Texas would be the same size as Ghana and slightly bigger than Australia.

Although with its landmass, there would be plenty of room to expand and grow the population. Economically speaking, in theory, Texas ought to be the 13th largest economy in the world.

What if Texas Left America?
texas- whatifhub.com

if texas were a country

Texas has great resources, it has valuable uranium and oil, lots of sunlight for farming and plenty of wind for clean energy wind farms.

Texas is also on the water so would have plenty of opportunity for trade. But wait… the states aren’t going to be happy about the split…are they. No, they likely aren’t.

Even if a split is Democratic, depending on the president at the time, I can only imagine they won’t be here for making life easy for Texas… they don't want Texas to be a success story.

They could inflict trade embargoes making it hard for Texas to use its resources.

I guess economics all comes down to how dirty the US government would want to play – would they take away highway funding and airport funding and the like – would they slap Texas with a bill.

Although perhaps Texas could trade with Cuba and Mexico…the United States would love that…or…they could trade with their sarcastic mates across the water, Britain, who are now in a similar situation have made the economically dubious decision to remove themselves from the EU. Brexit and Texit take on the world.

Get ready for a lot of Bangers and Mash Tacos and Fish n Chip burritos. That doesn’t sound like the worst!

Texas might be off to an economically difficult start, and their currency may be devalued, but maybe this would mean it would become an attractive place to manufacture.

Texas Would need to establish its own laws, healthcare systems and defense. If things were the way they are right now, it would be a difficult place for the LGBTQ community – the state doesn’t recognize gay marriage and a lot of people in Texas are right-leaning.

Women’s reproductive rights would be under threat too – and Texas would be one of the last Western countries in the world to advocate the Death Penalty.

Would Texans feel displaced?

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I suppose it comes down to visas and whether or not they would have the ability to work in the US and vice versa? If they weren’t allowed access to the US any longer, would Texas strike up visa deals with other countries?

At the moment it is hard for people to emigrate to the states, but maybe Brits like me could live in an independent Texas.

could texas be self-sufficient

If Texas left the US, would California also want to secede? Would it be the beginning of the end for the United States…who else would be next?

Well sorry to burst the bubble, The Supreme Court directly addressed the secession question in Texas vs. White in 1868. The court held that individual states could not secede from the Union. – no opt-out clause despite urban myth. Basically, Texas can't leave without a fight!

So guys, what do you think would happen if Texas left the states?
Do you think it would be a good thing or a bad thing? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section down below!
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  1. With the Civil War in the rearview mirror, it's no surprise that the supreme court decided that Texas was part of the union and could not simply decide to leave. Chief Justice Chase said, "The union between Texas and the other States was as complete, as perpetual, and as indissoluble as the union between the original States." But immediately after saying that, he stated, "There was no place for reconsideration or revocation, except through revolution or through consent of the States." EXCEPT through revolution or consent of the other states. Read that again. Not even Chase could deny it!