What if Thor Was Real?

An Alternate historyWhat if Thor Was Real?

Thor is the God of Thunder and son of Odin. In Marvel, he is a superhero half god.

Marvel has certainly taken a few liberties, but at the core – Thor is a superhuman, a demigod who can control the weather and destroy anything in his path with the whump of an intergalactic weapon.

In the original Norse mythology, Thor can fly via the medium of flying Goats pulling his chariot.

What if Thor Was Real?
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I wish superheroes were real

So… I guess he is kind of a muscular Santa, but instead of reindeer, he has goats and instead of delivering gifts, he delivers storms.

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But like whatever, I am just going to go out there and call it – if Thor was real…there is no reason Santa couldn’t be.

Yas! Okay, so if Thor Was Real the amount it would affect us would totally depend on whether or not we knew he was real or if he just existed without our knowing.

The Vikings believed in him without ever meeting him, so maybe things would be as they are now, and when a huge storm comes, we basically think nothing of it….or if we do, we just think it is nature being a bitch or global warming serving us up to our comeuppance.

We could continue to be none the wiser of the existence of Thor unless he revealed himself to us….so say he did? WELL hello, there Thor? Are you friend or foe?

If Thor decided he wanted to play with humans, like he does in Marvel, then he would likely be a celebrity.

His rugged good looks and superhuman strength would make him very attractive…a lot of people would want a slice of the demigod, who in mythology was known to be pretty amorous….
What if Thor Was Real?
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if superhumans were real

Which begs the question – can he sire children with human women? Could he impregnate morals with demi-gods?

If so then the world might start to become a more colorful place! In the Marvel movies, Thor is all about flirting it up a storm with nurse Jane Foster.

If this did happen IRL, I imagine his God's girlfriend, Sif might have something to say about it. Sif is a goddess associated with fertility and earth, so if she were jilted she could cause havoc on planet earth, making it barren in an act of revenge.

If Thor were real and we could talk to him, would we not go in for heavy negotiation when it comes to weather. We could try and bribe him to give us a lovely summer, or to generate some rain in a drought.

Would he be up for negotiation, though? If Thor was real, what would this mean for snakes?

Thor is destined to die by snakebite so would he rid us of the slippery tricksters? What ecological impact would this have on earth? What about his hammer? What could he do with it?

We wouldn’t want to annoy Thor because he could wipe us out if he really wanted to. That hammer is a weapon of mass destruction, after all!

Also, what if someone else gets hold of it – the inscription on the hammer reads “Whosoever holds this hammer if he is worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.

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Like….how selective is that worthy-ometer? Could it fall into bad hands? According to Youtube channel – The Nerdist – if it ever smashed or split, it could cause huge earth ending explosion.

Ssoo…. I mean if Thor were real, are we going to be needing nuclear bunkers? Do we just accept that everything is out of our control?

Further to that, Thor’s hammer – which has a name and is called Mjolnir by the way - his hammer is formed from the metal of a dying star….so….how do we find this incredible resource and what could we make of it?

In Norse Mythology, the hammer had connotations with religion, specifically crushing Christian religion…so if Thor was real, it could have massive knock-on effects to current organized religion – but there again – his existence would confirm the existence of a whole host of Norse Gods…and frost giants… and fire giants…and dwarves oh, and we would all live in a big tree, with earth being around the middle…and there is an icy underworld.

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