Ancient Aliens: Alien Architecture Designs

Alien Architecture Designs

The use of such enormous blocks is the main reason many of these ancient structures like the walls at Thierer have survived until today.

But why was it so important that they remain standing thousands of years into the future?

There was an architect here who had a complete understanding of stone, of masonry, and that you can do extraordinary things with it that will last a lifetime and forever. Not only did they actually build things that were guaranteed to last. Often working with unusual angles, and they're so tightly fitted that earthquakes find it very difficult to break them apart. In fact, they are earthquake-proof.

Ancient astronaut theorists point out that other common design elements were incorporated in structures throughout the world to ensure their longevity, including the widespread use of metal braces inserted into Keystone cuts to reinforce ancient constructions.

This unusual way of fitting large stones together is found in ancient Egypt. It's found in ancient Ethiopia. It is found in India and Greece. And in Italy. It has found it. Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It's found at the Koppa sites in Vietnam. And we find it in Peru at Owyang, anti Tombo and at CO. And we see it also at T-1, ARCO and Puma PWM in Bolivia.

The two stones essentially have a channel dug in between them and there's a certain slot into which is poured molten metal. Now, this brings up all kinds of questions because one alloys we're not supposed to have been discovered until about twenty-five hundred B.C.. The fact that these stones go back to at least 13000 B.C. press a huge problem we have here. Again, share technology crossing a huge period to make sure that the stones never, ever fall apart.

People working on different sides of the world, trying to build similar things are not necessarily going to think of the same way to build it in certain respects, the similarities and the way some of the stones were cut.

The Keystone. Other factors that people wouldn't necessarily think of for them to show up and for them to be used to give greater duration to these structures way beyond any reasonable expectation that the people living then we're gonna continue to use these tell us that there's somebody maybe with a longer time span was behind the design of these things. Whoever was behind the design, one of these things to last a really long time.

Who were the teachers of these engineering styles? The only conclusion there is, is that aliens had a hand in these creations a long time ago. They're all human-made.

But with the assistance or the technology provided by extraterrestrials.
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