Ancient Aliens: Steve Jobs Alters the Course of Humanity

Steve Jobs Alters the Course of Humanity

Houston Texas July 20th, 1969 At NASA Mission Control Center. The massive IBM System 360 models 75 computers which boast processing power of sixteen point six million instructions per second. And up to eight megabytes of main memory. Is employed to accomplish. The greatest feat in human history. Putting a man. On the moon

People across the world marveled at this technological achievement. But incredibly only six decades later. Handheld device wane less than half a pound

Dwarfs the total technology NASA possessed in 1969. Today's smartphone contains a staggering one million times the computing power. Used to carry out

The moon landing. What we had when they went to the moon. It is like nothing compared to what an average teenager carries around now. I mean the kind of computing power the ability to access information the ability to reach people with astonishing technological achievement. You can only imagine what's going to happen in 30 years from now what we think is so advanced it's going to be so not advanced

According to ancient astronaut theorists at specific points in history. Extraterrestrials have influenced certain individuals. To allow humanity to make major leaps forward. And they propose that this is continued up until modern times.

As evidence, they point to the visionary who jump-started the microcomputer revolution. Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of the greatest visionaries in Silicon Valley. The idea of what he was doing is how you popularized computing. A lot of people who were in early in computing didn't think about people using them.

And he managed to deliver into the hands of consumers a device that was usable. It was intuitive. It was easy to use. It was easy to understand and that is not a small thing in the simplicity and the beauty of it. He made something that was just perfect.

Steve Jobs and his team of engineers at Apple harnessed technology that connected society digitally. And put all the world's knowledge literally at mankind's fingertips. But the seeds of this technological revolution were planted in 1973 when the 19-year-old college student dropped out of school. Jobs was attending Reed College in Portland Oregon

When he along with one of Apple's first employees Daniel Kottke made a decision that would change not only the course of their lives but ultimately the course of humanity fueled by his desire to find spiritual enlightenment. Steve Jobs traveled to India with Daniel following a few months later. Together they discovered a Hindu guru known as Haida Khan Baba.

He was discovered at about the age of 18 doing yoga in a cave but there are legends going back that the same figure had appeared all the way back into the eighteen hundreds. Hydrocodone Babar claimed that he had no mother or father but who was this character. Who had no known history before the age of 18

And was said to have manifested out of thin air. He professed that he was an immortal being

Steve Jobs did spend some time with them. Heidi Khan Baba actually gave him an initiation by giving him a spiritual name. This is a traditional kind of. Initiation.

So they were formally initiated by this guru Baba JI had said that he was a celestial being who would come to Earth to help enlighten our planet and to advance us forward. And we have to wonder is it possible that Steve Jobs was being influenced telepathically by an extraterrestrial entity named Baba G.

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