"Steve Jobs was a Ruthless Hard Bastard" - Dan Peña

"Steve Jobs was a Ruthless Hard Bastard" - Dan Peña

Dan Peña's Statement:

We are just like, you know, this cement wall, just like all your parents up there, cut him down like a f**king dog that they are.

Most of the people on this. He doesn't like you should do it. You should roll down the inside of your f**kin fat mother. Thought you stupid cunts got to realize that. And everybody doesn't deserve to be alive. Put it upside down. And you know what the snowflakes say.

They say, Mr. Panya, every snowflake ever created is different, which is true of the trillions, zillions of snowflakes. And so we're all different people in this with this public.

Didn't have a shape who moved up as opposed to snowflakes melting under pressure, you know, Zarco lib.

And if you really believe that we're going to run out of food, which is a lot of Shites and you're worried, tell yourself.

Metaphorically speaking, about the upcoming we would have a food shortage be cured overnight.

Personal development can't. Negative personal development. The moorlands eat it up like ice cream. You can't f**king measure it.

How do you make personal development?

You don't. You f**king reach. You cannot measure personal development. And here you are. Now, think about that. I don't think too hard because you don't have even that many brain cells.

I don't give a shit. Nobody does. God does that. Nobody cares about all the trials and tribulations of your f**king week. But try to understand that. What the f**k do I have to do here?

I saw every breath since I'm born till I felt dead and my sons rehearsing in a flesh before me and million them a second every f**king Rebecca ever had.

Every f**king regret she ever f**king had. He sighed.

I made them a second flash before, and that's what I've been telling people for 50 f**king years. Any on the way I want to find if I got to a time I suffer and be brought back. So you think when you die? Oh, and Steve Jobs knew that. So having met him, come alive. Thank you. Given your miserable puppy love going on to the rest of your time, getting.

This is a sketch. Take it sparing your wife and you wouldn't do a God thing like I say, your wife's a filthy slut whore. Oh, God. God damn thing. But the f**k having. And your wife will pull you by the arm. Oh, honey, we don't want any trouble. Getaway. Batching. Not f**king him with a breath. And you're hoping that she pulls you a little harder, so you have that show like you had a pair. What the f**k? hearthrug. There's every man in f**king Britain, a mealy-mouthed weenie.

Almost all there are a few of us. It is disgraceful, actually. Shocking. Oh, shocking. Oh, going to do anything about it? No.

Money is free right now with the lowest interest rates in five thousand years. What are you going to tell your grandchildren? What are you going to tell your children? Twenty, twenty-five years from now. What are you, Grandpa? What are you, grandma?

During the greatest threat, imagine a mother f**king well. And the history of the world. Why? Go sit on your f**king hands. Why did you go to take it? That was a great big laugh. And then we had a plan. What did you do? Not a f**king thing. That's what you can say.

Not a f**king thing. Not with too much power. I was told my job was to make you a f**king cunt. When I say kind of encounter.

I didn't do anything.

That'll begin to regret Mr. Carnegie with a hard bastard. Vanderveldt was a hard bastard. Henry Ford the first was a hard bastard. Rockefeller was a hard bastard. Steve Jobs, the ruthless hard bastard. As Apple CEO, Cook regularly begins sending e-mails at 4:30 in the morning on Sunday. He's a hard bastard. Why are all these guys? They change the world.

Felt one thing in common. Are f**king tough as nails.

Rove picked up President ARDS. And now we got you a stiff drink and a good f**king kill most people in this room.

I'm ashamed to say that. Forget the stiff.

Just a good f**k how many people I call board members for a filthy f**king whore. Get the f**king out. Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I say sorry. I said it a million times.

He's still here with his golf ball. Take a view. You still want to feel like this room, please. You're making your bottom with the player. Look what they produced.

Loser pleasers. And why do I treat everybody like shit? Why have I been so f**king successful over these twenty-five years?

Because of it f**king works. And the reason you're here to stop it is that nobody treated you like shit. Tough luck. What're your f**king ways?

Tough love words on the apple male Bob. You never f**king had nothing, you should have never been born. You should roll down inside your mom and pay.

That's why hear. Now we're going to talk a little bit about IQ. Let's just for this example, say that we all got 100 IQ for some of you taken away, for some of you given. OK.

Can anybody have 10 or 15 or 20 times IQ at 100? No. Well, then why do people every day achieve 10 or 20 or fifty thousand times more than we?

If they can't have an IQ 10 or 20 or 30 times more than ours because of they way bigger than we.

They dream bigger. I asked you, would you like your kids to be like you? I know the answer I asked you, would you like your kids to be like your parents? I know the answer, but would you like to see if you have enough? You can't do anything like your parents or grandparents, right? They're there. But would you like your kids to turn out like a f**king pub to just chill with? That's f**king weird. Club.

I know they have that, too. And you can't blame your parents or grandparents only, but indirectly. Could you show those five mates? Nobody told those cock suckers. But you and your child can be good. You have low self-esteem, no self-esteem, no self-confidence whatsoever.

And that you can't blame your parents for strictness is good.

Sensitivity equals poverty. Guys. Jesus Christ, look at you. Are you proud of where the f**k you are? No. You want your kids and grandkids a couple of f**king up like, you know, I hope to God not anyway. Some bullshit yourself. Sensitivity equals motherf**king poverty.

I don't do anything except think about how to make you retard better. You know, I have a sore back.

Twenty-five years of carrying your fat ass across the goal line. Twenty-five years. And not everybody deserves to be alive. Let's get that f**king thing straight right now. And if you think that you're a retard. Some of you said a rolled down the inside of your mom's leg. And that's the God's truth.

What do you realize the rest of the world larcenous? You realize the Russian state raw fagots, few realize most of the Eastern Bloc countries think what fagots? Because we are. We're an embarrassment to humanity.

I believed in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy and that kind of stuff until I was 11 years old.

I got a lot of fights about that.

Edit Grammar school is the biggest killer on campus on the schoolyard. And then everybody caught up with me when we went to junior high school in high school. But so my family, my mother loved me to believe in Peter Pan and stuff like that. I was old. Now, you can't tell the kids the truth. Quick enough.

You got to take the f**king dream away from them. Don't you? You're gonna f**k up their life forever, don't you? Just like they f**ked your life, don't you? You can't f**king stand to see him happy like this.

f**king retards. Unbelievable.

Look, what the f**k happened to you. God. Oh, my dad makes me cry. Love yet. Now, look at your miserable f**king shitbags.

For those of you that mother'd, I blame you the most. I've got a whole graphic, metaphorical and a freckly explicit talk about this and mothers having babies, but I'm not going to wear an institution of higher learning here, so I'm not going to go through that. Just imagine the worst f**king things about not having kids and then go about one hundred times worse than that. And that's my talk.

You've been in the kitchen this well for all the wrong f**king reasons, you get married for all the wrong f**king reasons. You stay married for the whole f**king reasons.

Holy shit, Sally, metaphorically. You should take out a revolver and stick it up your f**kingg mouth and blow your brains out. Good. What good have you brought to the planet? None.

But good luck to the planet. No.

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