The Most Dangerous Substance On The Planet Earth

Almost every substance that enters our bodies every day has the potential to deliver its own lethal dose. Considering that three grams of regular table salt per kilogram of body weight is poison. For the average person, the consumption of 200 to 250 grams in one sitting can be deadly.

 Even a single dose of 4.5 liters or one gallon of drinking water can cause any of us to bite the dust, it would not make sense for any person in their right mind to stuff themselves with such a high amount of salt or water. Plus, it is almost physically impossible to do so. Most likely you'll get sick to your stomach and vomit even after ingesting a third of the lethal dose.

However, there are totally different kinds of substances that are able to cause death in dozens of people, even if consumed in my country. Scopic doses, you won't even be able to detect the presence of such substances in your body until the first symptom appears. By then any attempts to save your life will be unsuccessful, you'll have a very painful death ahead of you.

So what are those deadliest substances on the planet? Like? What kinds of torment will your body have to go through if you inadvertently consume at least a million part of a gram of that killer substance?

So, let me introduce you to polonium 210. This extremely rare radioactive substance has a short half life only 138 days during its HalfLife an enormous amount of energy is released. Just one gram of polonium to 10 produces up to 140 watts of energy. Because of this quality. This substance is used in spacecraft As a source of heat and energy, despite the fact that polonium to 10 is very reactive, its alpha radiation dissipates all of its energy confined to a very short distance. This means that a radioactive isotope is relatively harmless as long as you're at a safe distance.

However, if the substance is ingested with food or air, it becomes incredibly toxic, and death from acute radiation damage is unavoidable if you don't receive medical assistance in time. One problem though, it is very difficult to detect polonium 210 especially if the radioactive isotope has already entered the human body.

The first symptoms can be mistaken by physicians for common food poisoning, and only when the patient begins to lose hair. Will the doctors suspect that something deadly is that play? To date? There are several documents Cases of poisoning with polonium 210.

One of them occurred in 2006 when Russian Alexander Litvinenko drank tea mixed with a radioactive isotope. As soon as polonium 210 got into the victim's body, its alpha radiation literally began to bombard internal organs, primarily the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines causing Najah sharp pain and internal bleeding. The earlier these symptoms appear the higher the radiation dose that a person has received.

Within four hours after ingestion of polonium into the body, there's almost no chance of recovery. Most of the radiation affects the bone marrow that is responsible for immunity the more the victim suffers, the fewer red blood cells will be in the body. As a result, the blood will gradually become so thin that it will no longer be able to saturate the vital organs with oxygen, and, most importantly, the heart.

As soon as this vital organ cannot receive enough oxygen, it will stop working and the blood flow to the brain will stop. But this is not the only option for possible painful death in the progression of radiation sickness. But in any case, only one microgram of polonium 210 is enough for inevitable death, which makes it the most dangerous radioactive element.

But in the list of the deadliest substances in the world, it's far from first place, no matter how dangerous polonium 210 is botulinum. The botulism causing bacteria is 500 times more toxic. In 2013, the California Department of Public Health received biological samples of a child suffering from botulism.

A child's digestive system is not yet fully formed, therefore, diseases that an adult may have developed immunity to the child has not yet developed. However, the usual examinations be carried out by the department would include the use of botulism serum to increase the chances for recovery. But this time, the doctors discovered something completely different botulinum toxin age which turned out to be incredibly dangerous and immune to the effects of the standard medicine. The discovery impressed the researchers so much that they decided to keep the DNA of the new toxin secret to prevent the production of chemical weapons of mass destruction.

This unique bacterium is deadly at two nanograms that's two billions of a gram which is even less than one red blood cell, which can only be distinguished under a microscope. Take For comparison, the most Effective chemical weapon ever created by man. VX gas. It's an incredibly powerful thing but for to kill requires a dose of at least 10 milligrams, which is much more than lethal dose of botulinum toxin age.

To better understand just how dangerous botulinum toxin he is, let's conduct a mental experiment. Imagine a pool filled with water. If you drop one drop of the substance mix and collect a glass of water after that it will be fatal. Under certain circumstances, this drop can kill a million people. If you drink this glass of toxin, all the functions of your body will be impaired. Usually our muscles contract under the influence of a substance called acetylcholine. However, the lethal substance blocks the acetylcholine receptors of the muscles in slowly paralyzes you The usual botulinum toxin a also has this property and it is widely used in cosmetics. injections containing a microscopic dose of the poison relaxes the muscles of the face and eliminates wrinkles in cosmetology.

This procedure is better known as Botox, but there are no such beneficial uses for botulinum toxin age. In 12 to 36 hours after you've drunk the poisoned water from the pool, your eyesight will deteriorate your eyelids will barely open in your speech will become unintelligible first botulinum toxin age attacks the nerves extending from the brainstem which are responsible for the controlling of eyes, mouth and throat, then you'll start to suffer from constipation because the muscles of the colon will also be paralyzed.

But this is The worst part one of the most characteristic symptoms of botulinum toxin poisoning is that it does not affect the victim's mental state. When this paralysis wave sweeps through your body, your mind will remain fully aware of what's happening. Only you and the doctors won't be able to do a thing about it. In the meantime, the toxin will continue to have a devastating effect. After the face paralysis spreads to the shoulders and arms. Then you'll need artificial ventilation just to breathe. Since your diaphragm will stop working.

The chest muscles allow the lungs to expand filling them with air. But when they can't contract anymore, you'll feel as if a man wing 500 pounds is sitting on your chest. As a result, you will not be able to breathe enough air to maintain vital activity and your brain since the nerve cells need constant oxygenation, they'll begin to die within 15 seconds after your last breath.

A few minutes later, biological death will occur which will have been caused by poison with a volume less than the period at the end of a sentence. But if you look at the situation from the bright side, your body will be smooth and wrinkle free. Fortunately, the probability of being poisoned by polonium 210 or botulinum toxin age is quite low. Getting into a car accident is statistically much more likely.

However, the very existence of such dangerous substances that can quietly enter the body is frightening. In addition to these deadly things, we're constantly surrounded by billions of microscopic killers that under certain circumstances, can enter someone's life.
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