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Today we'll be exploring the idea of what if Mars disappear. Of course, we'll be looking at how this would affect the earth or solar system and life as we know it.

If you like space related articles, as we always do, I'll be replying to some comments at the end of this article. But for now, let's start exploring the idea of Mars no longer existing. So as we know Mars is one of the closest planets to our beloved Planet Earth, meaning if it were to no longer exist, we would certainly be affected one way or another. But it might not necessarily be a bad thing.

Without Mars, the threat of asteroids coming remotely close to Earth would decrease significantly. The asteroid belt, which is quite literally a belt of asteroids floating in space lays between Jupiter and Mars. Sometimes the asteroids get pulled in directions of specific planets such as Jupiter or Mars due to their gravitational pole.

However, when some of the asteroids go near Earth, and we're talking millions of miles away, but in the grand scheme of things that's considered close. It's you Mars his fault. The science here is when the asteroids which are normally held by Jupiter's gravity get pushed out of orbit, they go toward the sun, but sometimes Mars pulls them in, which can lead to the asteroids getting closer to Earth, and they normally would, if Mars were to disappear, the odds of the asteroids coming near Earth would still be a possibility much, much less likely than it currently is.

However, it seems earth as a whole planet wouldn't be affected too much, we wouldn't go hurtling into the sun, nor would our entire planet start spinning any faster, we probably wouldn't notice all that much of a difference. But what would that mean in general, for a planet to suddenly disappear into thin air, something would have to give this is where the trouble would arise.

The entire planet Earth would most likely be chaotic due to the fear of not knowing, of course experts would spend decades trying to figure out where the planet went and what caused it to either obliterate or completely vanish. And then the reality of what could possibly happen to Earth would kick in if a planet like Mars could disappear.

What does that say about Earth? Are we the next planet to just manage? Should we be counting down our final days?

Unfortunately, it seems there would be no real scientific explanation as to what happened, was it destroyed by some extra terrestrial beans? Or did it somehow get hurled into the sun and disintegrate?

Regardless of the reasoning, however long it would take us to finally figure out what happened would probably be too long before we do. Let's say Mars was hurled into the sun due to a shift in our solar system.

By the time we had enough evidence and research done to fully understand how and why it happened, we'd most likely be next considering how Mars is our neighbor planet, it's quite likely whatever happens to it will eventually happen to us. We've also spent decades studying Mars billions of dollars have been spent, and if the planet were to disappear, while all of that would unfortunately go to waste.

Although we have done our research on the planet, which may eventually lead to us understanding what happened to the now non existent planet, it's still hurting knowing that all those years and dollar spent seemingly went down the drain.

Of course, our biggest concern would be what actually happened to the planet and natural occurrence such as an explosion of sorts will be much more common than an extraterrestrial attack. At least one we can study the patterns and try to understand how we're wired if it was aliens.

While we'd all be living on edge, how would we defend against them? Where do they come from?

So many questions we need to be answered upon the news of the planets disappearance, the general public would most likely start to freak out. They think the earth is inevitably doomed and chaos would ensue. But the reality is, unless the earth was under attack by some sort of space species, our day to day lives really wouldn't change all that much.

The news itself would make every headline scientists would be scratching their heads trying to get a grip on what it happened. But for you and I, nothing would change. We wouldn't even know the difference unless someone told us with that being said, Mars is kind of like our backup planet.

We're looking to it as the Savior when we screw up Earth to the point that we can no longer live here considering how Earth and Mars are the only two planets in the habitable zone.

What would it mean if Mars disappeared? Aside from the fact that Elon Musk would be almost as let down as the time that bulletproof windows of his new truck cracked on him in front of an audience? We need to find a new place to possibly live for at least a place that we feel could be a potential backup plan should we need to abandon earth for whatever reason?

Unfortunately, it seems Mars really was the only other option. All in all, if Mars were to disappear on us one day We may not immediately see or feel the effects. But once we were informed of such catastrophic news that people would react accordingly, even without fully understanding what it may mean, that can be sure there would be an immediate panic that would ensue for no real reason.

Aside from the fact that decades of research and billions of dollars were wasted our day to days wouldn't change it all scientists or astronauts would certainly have their work cut out for them, but that sounds like a them problem. Now, before we wrap this one up, let's reply to some comments from the article.

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Anyways guys, that's the end of this one. I've been your host Jared Bronstein if you guys enjoyed these space type articles, let me know in the comments down below and we'll give you guys some more of them. This has been what if Mars disappeared again?

You know, of course it's not likely it's not going to happen so you guys have nothing to worry about. But even if it did, how much would change so don't worry too much.

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