What If Spiders Had Wings?

Flying spiders aren't real. Maybe not all spiders that might be a bit too terrifying. We probably have to just burn down the whole ecosystem and start over again. Or never go outside ever, but then we'd have to find better ways to keep them from getting inside to.

I mean, they already get it anyways. Now there'd be more of them spider nets. I don't know if that would work. Spiders are too crafty like jumping spiders. They can solve obstacle courses and make plans that would make Ocean's 11 blush.

They're also surprisingly cute. You know, for spiders any way you look at it a new mutation to all spiders would have massive consequences on the ecosystems that they exist in already.

What if there was a specific breed of spider that could fly using wings?

Let's make up an ecosystem. Jungle Island because all the worst spiders live in the jungle like the Brazilian wandering spiders. Or the Goliath bird eating spider. You know that spider that eats birds. Let's call it a jungle Island spider land dia.

Now it needs an ecosystem. thick forest green canopies. lots of places for bugs to live. Yeah, that works. Animals. Let's generalize lemurs, jaguars snakes, bats, parrots. Yeah, that sounds right now adding the flying spiders. What would that do? Well, these new spiders could set up webs wherever they wanted to treat top website. Wait. Those exist already have a website between trees for even bigger wins. We happy with the spider speed. They get too big.

They couldn't get that big and keep flying right? What's the biggest insect?

Oh wait. Japanese horn is about as big as my hand. I don't know if I can deal with a flying spider that large. What would the spiders eat anyways, bugs for the spiders. They even probably eat rats or birds figure out how big they got. Maybe they wouldn't be burdens.

If they're flying species. They probably stick to higher up in the jungle canopies, no reason to go skate around the ground now. All net worth getting eaten by another predator.

What kind of wings? Would they even have not butterfly wings, not fly wings, maybe something like dragon fly wings. That sounds right. The dopson fly has wings like that it's almost as big as an adult face move.

That's worse than the Hornet. Since they can fly they may not have been used webs to catch their prey. It'd be more like jumping spiders or tarantulas on targets, they can get the jump on they could attack their prey from above jumped down by into the back of creatures.

What about the effects the spiders would have in the local ecosystem?

Well, some of their prey would develop defenses against them no doubt camouflage sensory developments to warn them if a spider was coming. The placement of their eyes may even change over time to give them a better view of above if they're an insect.

Maybe some of the local flora would even evolve to prey on them flypaper trap plants that would dissolve flying spiders. That's terrifying. I'm glad I made this up. Wait, there is that one spider that glides after all?

Well, I guess I can handle gliding spiders. It's not like spiders can just let those strands of silicon fly away. On the wind. Wait, spiders do that. It's called ballooning. So there are spiders that fly already, huh? Well, I guess I don't get to sleep tonight after all.
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