What If You Explode An Antimatter Bomb On Earth?

Is there anything in the world more powerful than nuclear weapons? Perhaps a substance that in just a microscopic quantity could cause unimaginable destruction?

The destructive potential of anti matter is simply incredible. Only half a gram of anti matter would be enough to create a bomb, such as the one that destroyed Hiroshima, and one and a half kilograms of anti matter would break the record set by the thermonuclear Tsar Bomb tested on Nova Zelma Island in 1961, such as substance with fantastic destructive power does exist.

Back in 1928, the British physicist Paul Dirac suspected the presence of anti particles with an opposite electric charge.

After five years Barack received the Nobel Prize for his prediction. The first any particle was discovered by American physicist Carl Anderson in 19. 32 does humanity recognize the positron a positively charged copy of the electron? This mysterious mirror reflection of matter excites the minds of humanity with its capabilities.

If empty matter collides with particles of the right matter, they completely annihilate each other that is they cancel each other out while emitting powerful radiation.

Oxford University Professor Frank close specializing in particle physics wrote in his book anti matter, that the annihilation of a kilogram of anti matter will produce about 10 billion times more energy than the explosion of one kilogram of TMT substance reactions from anti-emetic are 1000 times more powerful than the nuclear fission of uranium and nuclear power plants.

But what does this mean in practice?

The nuclear explosion in the Japanese city of Hiroshima had a capacity of Approximately 13 to 18 kilotons of TMT The death toll there was approximately 70 to 80,000 people and explosion of such force leads to complete devastation in a radius of about one and a half kilometers and less than half a gram of anti-matter would be enough to reproduce it.

Later, the number of victims of this Japanese tragedy increased to 140,000 due to the effects of radiation sickness, but unlike traditional nuclear explosions after the explosion of a bomb from empty matter, there will be no residual radiation.

Calculations show that in an explosion with a capacity of 100 megatons, the zone of absolute destruction will extend 35 kilometers from the epicenter and the zone of severe destruction will cover a radius of up to 50 kilometers.

Such a force can destroy any of the largest cities on our planet. And for this, you need Only a few kilograms of anti matter Exactly. 100 megatons, was the design capacity of the Tsar Bomba, which was tested in a lighter version that was almost half of this. But even the weakened version of the bomb is terrifying.

The measure power of the explosion was equal to 58.6 mega tons of TNT such energy can be released during the interaction of about 1.5 kilograms of anti-matter and 1.5 kilograms of substance witnesses felt the blow and were able to describe the explosion.

Thousands of kilometers from its center radiation even at a distance of up to 100 kilometers led to third degree burns. The blast wave circled the globe three times the first time in 36 hours and 27 minutes.

But what happens if you blow up 10 kilograms of aunty matter about the same as on December 26th 2004 the Indian Ocean earthquake, the epicenter of which was located off the northwestern coast of Sumatra in Indonesia caused the deadliest tsunami in modern history. The magnitude of the earthquake was about 9.2.

The movement of lithosphere place created waves with a height of more than 15 meters. But tsunami reached the shores of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, southern India, Thailand and many other countries. According to various estimates, 225 to 300,000 people died, many people were carried away by the receding water into the ocean.

The exact number of dead and missing remains unknown to this day, the shock wave from this earthquake passed through the entire planet. The islands located near the epicenter shifted 10s of meters according to theoretical models, the mash shift and huge energy release equivalent to 480 mega tons of TMT slowed the Earth's rotational speed slightly reducing the length of our day by about 2.68 microseconds.

A similar force can be expected from an explosion of only 10 kilograms of anti matter. This energy is enough to boil 150 liters of water for every person on earth. Mankind remembers another natural disaster that befell Indonesia in 1815.

The eruption of the timber up volcano on the island of Subala was the most powerful in recent centuries. For three days the area within a radius of 500 kilometers from the volcano was hidden from the sun by huge masses of volcanic ash, which subsequently spread more than 1000 kilometers from the eruption site causing serious changes to the planets' climate, global cooling was experienced by the entire Northern Hemisphere.

The year 1816 was nicknamed the year without a summer the total eruption energy is estimated at 20 Giga tons in terms of TMT the same amount of energy would be released during the explosion of a bomb from empty metre weighing just 500 kilograms.

So, you want to see the apocalypse then detonate 2.5 kilo tons of empty matter and energy release of 100,000 Giga tons of TMT would trigger the onset of a new Ice Age.

This already happened on earth 65 million years ago, when an asteroid larger than Mount Everest fell on the Mexican peninsula cold Yucatan hot debris soared high into the atmosphere and beyond falling back. These debris heated the air to the temperature of the inside of an oven a large amount of dust fell into the atmosphere which for several years blocked the Earth's surface from the sun and almost nuclear winter had arrived.

Most scientists believe that this event caused the death of the dinosaurs. Fortunately, the creation of an anti metre bomb is only theoretic in practice, obtaining anti particles is a very time-consuming, complex and expensive undertaking.

The European Center for nuclear research or CERN uses the Large Hadron Collider a charged particle accelerator to create and study anti protons. CERN employee, physicist Ralph lenda assures that the low efficiency of the process of obtaining empty matter is the key to safety and the inability in the near future to create serious weapons based on it. According to lamda.

The synthesis of one gram of empty matter with current technology would cost about one 1000 trillion dollars.

For comparison, the annual us budget would be enough to create only a few micrograms of anti better, but it's not enough to simply create empty matter, you still need to preserve it, because if it comes into contact with normal matter, it will be instantly destroyed, it will disappear.

To prevent this suicide scientists have invented traps from a very strong and complex magnetic field configuration. To date.

The best result that has been achieved is the preservation of anti matter for about 1000 seconds. And yet the creation of weapons that can shoot anti matter is no longer fiction.

Physicists from University of Michigan under the leadership of one Carl crew shell neck designed an ultra compact accelerator, a gun that can fit on a regular table compared to the Large Hadron Collider.

This thing looks almost like a toy. It operates on the basis of particle acceleration techniques discovered by American scientists in the early 1980s.

A laser beam passing through a jet of helium forms a stream of electrons and a thin metal foil blocks their way when electrons collide with the foil positrons are formed in the flow. Next, a magnet comes into play and spreads positrons and electrons in different directions.

Anti matter is also an ideal super efficient fuel and empty matter engine will be the most efficient ever created because 100% of the mass of the substance and anti matter is converted to energy.

About 10 grams of anti protons would be enough to deliver a man spacecraft to Mars in just one month. Today for an unmanned ship to reach Mars.

It takes almost a year, the only obstacle to the creation of mega powerful weapons or fuel is the inability to synthesize anti matter in large volumes.

For all the time spent on these efforts, people have only created an insignificant and small dose 19 nano grams of anti particles. This is barely enough to boil a cup of coffee.

But what if we learn to capture anti matter from space, then an anti matter bomb will become reality in the near future? What are the consequences of such technology in the hands of let's say criminals? Is it possible to prevent the creation of such a weapon for our Doom? Will empty matter someday destroy our civilization or become the strongest energy catalyst for its development?

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