The First Killer In Human History

In 2013, scientists discovered a very unusual find in the Spanish case of semaa. The last way sauce or pit of the bones.

What they found were human remains? What was so unusual about this was primarily its location?

After all, the cave is located at a depth of 43 feet (13.11 meters), or 13 meters, it's too deep to be inhabited by humans. There were also no signs that the cave was used as a burial place. After some time, it became clear.

This fine was evidence of the very first murder in human history. At least the first case known to science to date, what guided the first murder on earth and what made the circumstances of this crime unusually strange.

At the dawn of scientific research, there were two opposing points of view on the nature of On the one hand was Thomas Hobbes, who suggested that the quality of Homo sapiens is exceptionally violent, and the entire evolutionary development of mankind is a war of all against all. On the other hand, there was john Jacques Rousseau, who believed that human civilization was built on cooperation and the desire to be a full member of a social group.

The debate between these two sides exists to this day, which is right, Hobbs or Rousseau. What is the real nature of man?

To clarify, the case of the corpse is discovered in the Spanish cave. Scientists decided to study the remains in closer detail. They assembled a skull from 52 fragments scattered along the bottom of the cave, then determined his age.

It turned out that the person the skull belong to lived approximately 430,000 years ago. However, this was not what surprised scientists. 

Most of the researcher's attention was focused on two fractures above the left die.

They had the same outline and were completely identical. And first, scientists suggested that the injuries occurred when falling to the bottom of the cave. 

However, in Sima de Los ways those there is nothing that could cause such a symmetrical fracture. Also, no signs of healing were found in the injured area.

This means that the injury either caused death or happened posthumously, scientists began to study the skull fractures in more detail and concluded that they resulted from a blow from a stone spear or x. 

That is, it was an intentional murder, judging by the location, the fractures, the attack struck the area above the left die with his right-hand several times.

After that, the killer dragged the lifeless body and dropped it to the bottom of the Cave of Sima de Los pesos. 

However, the murdered man seemed to have been far from the only victim of severe physical violence.

Because besides Him, the remains of another 28 people were found in the cave, no traces of violent death were found on the other skeletons. 

But scientists are sure that the people were already dead when they were dropped to the bottom of the cave.

It's possible that several criminals committed the first-ever massacre known to mankind. Or maybe it was some serial maniac if noteworthy that's such a crime occurred at least 130,000 years before the appearance of the first hundred CPN the killer like his victims belong to the new species of humans.

It could be assumed that only the distant predecessors of Homo sapiens were brutal killers, and the intelligent man is a more peaceful creature. But this is far from the truth. 

The first Homo sapiens only continued down the path of violence that their ancestors had initiated.

Now there is another exciting controversy. There are many legends in the world. But the story of the killer Penny is one of the most controversial. 

A New York legends say that a penny dropped from the Empire State Building can kill a person. However, the height of the New York building reaches only 1250 feet or 381 meters. And this is not the tallest skyscraper in the world.

Back to the current story, Another discovery only confirms this during the Second World War, human remains were discovered in the Romanian cave of seal Covina, among which was also a skull with significant injuries. 

These remains were dated to about 33,000 years ago. For a long time, scientists couldn't explain the wounds found, and only 70 years later, with the advent of modern, high-quality equipment, or the researchers able to solve this crime, scientists are created several molds of the head from a material that mimics the properties of real bones.

Then the experimenters threw it from different heights, and also tested various murder weapons, such as a baseball bat and fragments of volcanic stones on the model. 

The head was hit into positions when it rested on a hard surface in case the victim was lying on the ground at the time of the murder. 

Then also in an upright position, in case the victim was standing during the attack.

After a series of simulated attacks on the artificial head, scientists compare the data with CT scans of the actual skull, as in the case of the previously suspected killing, there were no signs of healing on the skull. 

Therefore, the blow most likely caused death. The hypothesis that injuries were caused after death was ruled out. Indeed, otherwise, the bones would be old and dry. The time of impact so that the fracture would have sharp edges.

However, bone fragments flowed very smoothly inside, which indicates that at the time of the blow, there was soft brain tissue inside the skull. 

That is, the person was still alive at the time of injury. But the victim did not die instantly, and the blows themselves were few. 

The first blow happened when the person fell face down, probably after being pushed. After that, the victim rose back to his feet. The second injury was then received directly from the attacker. 

The blow was delivered with a blunt object, after which the bone fragments flew off the back of the skull. This indicates that the killer was face to face with the victim.

Since the blows were on the right side of the head, scientists suggested that the attacker was left-handed. 

This case was one of the first killings known to scientists to have occurred among homosapiens in modern times. We often tend to blame violence on the media, computer games, or violent films. 

However, the killers I just described didn't play Fallout or watch the bloody comedies of Quentin Tarantino. The root of the problem lies much deeper.

Evolutionary biologists believe that the cause of modern violence is natural selection. 

Our ancestors, who had a propensity towards cruelty, killed all their peace-loving kindred, and therefore, only violent people could continue to rule the clan. 

As a result, the genes responsible for aggression were preserved in the evolutionary development of man passed on to subsequent generations and finally reached us.

But even though every person tends to aggressive behavior, Only some of us are capable of real atrocities. The truth is that in addition to aggression, evolution has also endowed us with empathy and sympathy. 

Since our survival has always depended to a large extent on interaction with other people, the ability to empathize and collaborate, allowed for coexistence with our own kind. 

However, some are devoid of this quality. In psychiatry. Such people are called sociopaths and psychopaths due to a lack of emotions.

Such members of the human race seek the thrill of destroying their kind or hurting others. 

Whether this antisocial personality disorder is innate or is a consequence of the influence of upbringing and the surrounding social environment remains an open question. However, to commit a murder.

It's not necessary to be a psychopath. It's enough to have a very close emotional connection with your potential victim. 

The US Bureau of Statistics data confirms this. According to statistics, about 30% of all female murder victims suffered their fate at the hands of their spouses.

Former spouses kill another 18.3% of women. Only 8.7% of murdered women are victims of strangers.

 This is because emotionally charged situations, and people often act impulsively and irrationally, which can lead to shocking and irreversible consequences. 

Answering the question that I asked at the beginning regarding human nature, we can say with confidence that both statements are true. Human nature can be both destructive and creative.

Aggressive has helped the human race to survive in the adverse conditions of the primitive world. The world becomes the dominant species on the planet. 

At the same time, this ability to collaborate and empathize with others has helped us create oral and written speech, science, art, and culture. 

And most importantly, we managed to curb our own animal instincts at least a little, even though acts of violence still occur. 

For most modern people, killing is something completely wrong and unacceptable. This gives us hope that, over time, violence will become just an unnecessary relic of the past.

So, How long would you last as the last human on earth? This is next what if, and here's how you can survive as the last person on earth.

What do you think the motive of the primeval killings from this video was? Right, your guests in the comments?

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