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This is crazy what if questions to ask, Here we see what would happen If 2 Drops of Lava Fell On Your Body? This crazy what if thoughts will bring you in a new imagination world. Let starts Today's great what if questions.

If two snowflakes fall in your skin, you won't even feel them. If instead of individual snowflakes, hot ash from a fire accidentally falls on you, a small hole will appear on your clothes, and maybe you'll feel a slight scratch.

If you accidentally spill hot tea on yourself, you'll experience burning pain and get burned. But what will happen if a couple of drops of lava, which is hundreds of times hotter than boiled waterfall on? Will die if you fell into lava? Will die instantly or slowly and painfully?

Let's imagine that you're now near the volcano that is about to erupt, and palm pays examples should suggest it will be boiling soon, you'll have common sense and legs to help make sure you get away from the place of your future disaster.

Don't commit any rash acts as a volcano can kill you immediately. Even with no warning of trouble. The mountain of the fire remains damn dangerous because it can be You in many ways, so if you're at a safe distance, it's better to get further away. Otherwise, your body will become an exciting mix for the police, such as, for example, in 2000, near the Hawaiian volcano kill away, where they found two dead people whose skin and lungs were eroded by hydrochloric acid. 

Would you associate that with the volcano, the solution was revealed only at the next eruption? 

What is slowly flowing Lava reached the coast, where it reacted with sea salt and hydrogen creating a cloud of hydrochloric acid. 

Add to this a strong wind, and all onlookers looking at the eruption in the literal sense of the word found the experience breathtaking, meaning they stopped breathing. 

But even in the case of the volcano being calm, you should worry if only two drops of lava fall on your skin, they will immediately stick Your skin burning it. Don't even try to brush them away.

You'll only make it worse, although it depends on the size of the droplets. If they're small, then you only have small scars as if from an ordinary burn. 

But if you found yourself under a hail of Lava, the red-hot liquid would burn your body to the bone, and your crime might be heard even on another continent. 

However, you can touch Lava for a moment without losing your hand. Remember how water gets on a hot frying pan, but instead of evaporating turns into a small ball. 

This phenomenon is called the light and frost effect. When in contact with Lava, and the elastic layer of steam is created that prevents water from evaporating, and the skin gets a significant burn. Someone please tell Aqua man about this. 

But most likely, this lifehack won't help. There's no smoke without fire, so the Lava will not roof by itself. If the volcano exploded, you'd never outrun it. 

This beautiful cloud quickly descending the slope is called a Pyroclastic flow consisting of steam, ash, and lava particles heated to an incredible temperature up to 1400 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 22 °C) or 800 Celsius comparable to the heat of an airplane jet engine. 

As soon as you find yourself inside, the water in the body and the blood would quickly begin to boil, and fluids would create enormous pressure inside the skull, causing the head to expand like a balloon. No, this is not the script of some horrible horror film, but the harsh reality it was recently established that in 79 a d. 

After the eruption of the Soviets, many people lost their heads just so, of course, you could hide in the basement, avoiding the face being boiled alive. But in this case, stock up on gas masks. 

If the awakened volcano is on the seabed, it saturates the water with a tremendous amount of co2, a layer of carbon dioxide will suddenly pop up. And since the substance has a low temperature, it will be low on the ground to private Oh life of air. 

It would be best if you quickly learned to fly or run to the nearest Hill. Although, as you understood, standing on the top is also dangerous. 

Let's return to the beginning, where you're near volcano and field tremors. Then there are two options, and the eruption will occur, and lava tentacles hover over you, or the edge of the crater will collapse and drag you down into the hot lake of magma. 

In the meantime, if you think which would be the worst outcome, I will tell you an interesting fact the molten rock has a higher density and viscosity, which makes it immune to external influence. 

Simply put, if Frodo had thrown the ring of absolute power into the mouth of the volcano, it would not disappear in fiery waves but would remain on the surface. 

So, while you're flying upside down, there will be time to think about the easiest death option. Because of its high density, the magma is very solid. So if you fall from a great height, you will break your neck or cut your head. 

If you plunge into the boiling Lava with your head, you'll get significant burns, and if your heart doesn't stop painful shock, your internal organs will simply well together, but even if you don't drown, there's still no chance of survival. 

For example, the temperature of carbon at Lava and the old Denham Ling guy volcano reaches 1022 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 550 °C), that's fine. 50 Celsius, Silicon Mountains in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Are heated to 1500 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 17 °C), or 850 degrees Celsius. 

And if hell exists, then it's probably located in shield volcanoes with gentle slopes because they create whole lava lakes with temperatures up to 20 282 degrees Fahrenheit (ca. 139 °C), or 12 Celsius. 

This is enough to burn and flight. Of course, you can cling to any ledge on the wall of the vent. But don't try to call for help the hot air and a mixture of gases will burn your lungs almost instantly. 

The inside of the volcano is almost a closed space. So the temperature is the same both at the bottom and at the edge of the crater. 

Not the most ideal place for lovers to relax. If you think that such energy is wasted, you can build an incinerator on the volcano.

The hot Lava is Ideal for solving the problem of pollution on our planet. In 2002, renowned volcanologist Richard Roscoe dropped from the top of air to all a volcano in Ethiopia, a 65 pound (ca. 29 kg) dumpster filled with food debris, having flown 260 feet (ca. 79 m) or 79 meters. 

The iron box quickly pierced the frozen crust of Lava and caused a spectacular fountain, which is explained by the release of steam when burning organic materials. Perhaps no one has ever thrown away the garbage so effectively. 

Therefore, if you decide to jump from a springboard, do a triple flip and die. It will be the fieriest adventure in your life. 

Then you, of course, die but first give others an unforgettable side. After such a genuinely unique swim, only a handful of ashes will remain from you is the temperature the Lava was above 1800 and 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 1000 Celsius. 

But if you are lucky to fall into a slightly colder volcano, your body will turn into a creepy statue.

Because a layer of the phosphoric acid line will be formed on your bones, which won't allow them to burn completely, on the other hand, magma has almost no flow, so in theory, you can walk on it. 

But before a romantic walk near the mouth of a volcano wears a protective suit sounds incredible, but it can save your life. 

When the volcano is in sleep mode, a frozen crust forms on its surface, it will feel like a hot sticky resin. 

So when you fall into the vent from a small height, you'll stick to this crust suffering severe burns necrosis in charge of tissues. In this case, the best way out is to pierce the crust. 

So that the Lava swallows you up and gives you instant death, but if you prudently put on a protective suit, it will allow you to climb gently and crawled the slope at the worst. 

Don't make sudden movements and call for help, hoping that the crust will sustain your weight. But in the case of a successful rescue, you'll get into the news and be able to tell everyone a fantastic story. 

Fortunately, testing the body under Lava is something the average person doesn't have to worry about in everyday life. What if we jumped into a pool of Lava?

However, there are many other dangerous substances that we need daily to drop. 

So, what substance Would you like to see on the human body and a future release? Mercury, perhaps radioactive uranium, liquid nitrogen? 

Right there, suggestions in the comments. 

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