What If America Was Communist?

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The 4g the United States over in a rather turbulent time politically. With the left and the right being increasingly polarized.

Many voices on the right are speaking up against the possibility that communism could rise in the US.

Many serious this is an extreme and unrealistic overreaction to the ideas being put forth by the far left, but it is certainly interesting to think about.

So let's explore the situation and answer the question what if America was communist thought to some this sounds like a fairy tale.

Others believe that this is the direction in which the country is moving led by the radical left.

And it's true that the left is engaging in certain things that could be considered signs of a communist revolution with many Marxist sentiments on the rise.

For example, some claim that Cultural Marxism has become rather prevalent on the left.

This refers to bringing about changes in attitudes in schools, government, and media to open the gates to other Marxist policies.

And this argument does have its merits many far-left movements have taken to turning aspects of life into those with power versus days without power similar to the proletariat and bourgeoisie of Marxism.

However, many people disagree with this system. Claiming that they are merely trying to achieve equity or social justice.

Do you think that those accusing the left of Cultural Marxism are doing the same thing the Nazis did when accusing the Jewish people of spreading communism in Germany?

Either way, the fear of the rise of communism remains what's so scary about communism?

Well, it generally just doesn't work and leads to economic collapse and often serious violations committed on the people.

It's often argued that this is because the idea of communism goes against human nature, people generally aren't interested in doing things for others without a reward, and this often leads to substandard conditions in communist countries.

Eventually, it tends to devolve into a few greedy people taking advantage of others sounds familiar.

However, many proponents of communism claim that human nature changes to fit its environment. That if it was attempted in a country with an abundance of resources.

Like the US the citizens would realize the abundance and be content is people point to other areas. Where humans denied their selfish nature, such as labor laws and the abolishment of slavery move past survival of the fittest in some areas moving instead to help those in need.

However, it's one thing to change a policy in the name of helping others it's very different to change an entire country or perhaps an entire world.

Unfortunately, men believe that if America became communistic and the rest of the world didn't, things would not go well.

This decision would not only have implications within the US but for other countries as well.

America is a global economic powerhouse.

Essentially the king of capitalism, a sudden conversion from a capitalist economy to a socialist system would have a huge impact on the global economy.

If the other countries refused to shift their's a good chance that the world economy would suffer greatly, or else the US would lose a great deal of influence.

For this reason, many believe that for the US to successfully shift to communism, the rest of the world would need to convert as well.

This can be achieved in a few ways the US could reach out and attempt to convince other countries to transition as well.

This would be difficult since communism is deemed unrealistic by most countries.

Another option, however, is one that has been attempted several times over the years conversion by force countries like the Soviet Union and China have attempted to spread communism in the past, often using force to bring about change, the US could attempt to spread their communism in this way.

Bring About a third world war, depending on which countries went along with the ideological change peacefully, this could go either way.

But as is true of most wars, it would be a terrible thing for the world.

The fact remains, however, that pretty much every example of communism we've seen has gone rather poorly.

mass starvation was quite common in these countries in Mao's China, as many as 45 million people died of famine between 1958 and 1962.

It's even led to some highly immoral acts in communist countries with significant communist nations like the Soviet Union and China slaughtering millions of innocent people under communist regimes.

Communism essentially requires a group of people to have incredible amounts of power, which tends to lead to the abuse of said power, it is possible that the US would come upon many of these problems as well.

Although on the other hand, the vast abundance of resources in the US could help to make communism possible.

However, let's imagine that the US converted to communism and the world followed suit, how might life look in the US?

Well, there's a good chance that many of those currently advancing arguably Marxist policies would be in for a rude awakening.

It's unlikely that the utopia of equality many pictures in their ideal world would come to pass.

Many of those who are most involved in the spread of far-left policies tend to be rather well off.

These people may be disappointed when their station is decreased in the communist society, particularly if wealth was distributed globally, many of the poorest people in America today are still doing far better than many people in Haiti.

So this could be good news for Haiti, but not so much for the US, and then we return to Our question what if America was communist?

Well, it would not be easy due to its history, the US is one of the least likely countries to adopt communism.

And even without the history of anti-communist propaganda communism's lack of success in other countries makes it rather unappealing.

But if for some reason the US did become communist, its abundance of resources could help it to be the first successful communist country.

On the other hand, it could be the end of the United States as we know it if the lack of drive to succeed caused a weakening and crumbling of the economy.

And if wealth was distributed globally, the people of the United States and many Western countries would be in for a rude reminder of just how well off they have been.

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I hope this was interesting and informative and maybe even inspired you to look into it further on your own.

While you're down there let me know if you want the US to become communist.

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